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Corporate Parenting Plan 2018-2021

The Corporate Parenting Plan 2018-2021 sets out the statutory responsibilities that Corporate Parents have. These are:

  • Being alert to matters that could adversely affect the wellbeing of care experienced children and young people;
  • Assessing their needs for the services and support provided
  • Promoting their interests;
  • Providing opportunities for them to participate in activities that will promote their wellbeing;
  • Taking action to help them access the opportunities and services they provide; and
  • Improving the way they exercise their functions in relation to care experienced young people.

The Scottish Care Leavers Covenant was created by an 'Alliance' of stakeholders, to close the gap between policy and practice for care leavers. The Covenant supports the 'aftercare' (advice, guidance and assistance) of care leavers transitioning into adulthood. Representatives in South Ayrshire have signed the Covenant which will galvanise Corporate Parents and partners to identify and take forward action to support young people leaving care to achieve their outcomes. South Ayrshire's Corporate Parenting Plan 2018-2021 recognises the importance of the Covenant.

The Outcomes are set out in broad strategic terms, and many will involve the development of more detailed plans of action. An Action Plan has been developed for Corporate Parents to make progress towards achieving the outcomes above. The progress of the Action Plan will be monitored by the Corporate Parenting Group and will be reported on a six-monthly basis to Performance and Audit Committee.

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