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Child Protection - I am a Teenager

Hi, welcome to the teen section of our website, which has useful information about what to do if you're worried about yourself or other people being harmed.

Harm can mean lots of different things.  It can mean that people who are meant to care for you struggle to do that properly, or that you experience things like physical abuse, emotional abuse or sexual abuse.  It may be that the way you feel about yourself and your life mean you do things to harm yourself, or take risks that mean you aren't safe.  Whatever is happening to cause you harm, there are people who can help you find a way through it.

We know talking about these things can be really hard.  You might feel embarrassed or ashamed, or you might be worried about what will happen.  You might feel that you are to blame and be scared that nobody will believe you or want to help you.  This section of the website will give information about the kinds of problems we know young people might be facing and how to find support with these.  We will also explain about what happens if you need help to keep safe at home, a process we call "Child Protection".

What do you mean when you talk about Child Abuse?

I think I know someone who might need help, what do I do?

So what does happen next?

Where does it all end?