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South Ayrshire Wellbeing Pledge Showcase

Wellbeing Pledge Showcase

Panel Members

  • Linda Semple, South Ayrshire Integration Joint Board Chair

Note from Linda: " I chair the IJB and am a Non-Executive Director of NHS Ayrshire and Arran. I'm also Vice Chair of NHS Golden Jubilee. I retired in 2018 after over 20 years in the NHS, and in my last role I was seconded into the Scottish Government as Head of Efficiency for NHS Scotland."

  • Cllr Lee Lyons, South Ayrshire Integration Joint Board Vice Chair
  • Marie Oliver, Chief Officer Voluntary Action South Ayrshire
    Note from Marie: "I have worked in the Third Sector for over 23 years both as the CEO and as a volunteer. I advocate for the importance the Third Sector and volunteers make to both the wellbeing of local people and the economy."
  • Tim Eltringham, Director of South Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership
  • Dr Alan Gunning, Chair Ayr United Football Academy
    Note from Alan: "I chair the Academy Board which is made up of enthusiastic volunteers who have a wide range of skills.  The Academy is a registered charity providing a comprehensive range of community programmes for people of all ages and backgrounds.  We also provide a pathway for boys and girls which gives an opportunity to progress into senior football."
  • Prof. Ian Welsh, Former Chief Executive of the Health and Care Alliance


Break out sessions

Session 1 (12.30 - 12.50)

  • Room 1: VASA - Mental Health Funding
    Overview of recipients of Communities Mental Health and Wellbeing Funding 2022-2025.
  • Room 2: Young Carers - The Weekend
    Short film written, shot and acted in by secondary aged young carers.
  • ​​​​​​​Room 3: Ahead of the Curve
    Overview of the Ahead of the Curve Team looking at early intervention and Frailty. 
  • Room 4: Self Directed Support (SDS) and Micro-enterprises
    The SDS independent support service, what it does and how it can provide support to health and social care staff. CAYR Local, Micro enterprise pilot in South Ayrshire, aiming to help address the challenges around health and wellbeing support. Learn how people can either become a micro or access their support.
  • Room 5: Yogable
    An introduction to adaptive yoga.
  • Room 6: Three Sixty
    A wee introduction to Three Sixty and an activity to stretch the mind.
  • Room 7: Hope Wellbeing Centre
    HOPE Wellbeing (SCIO) is a non-profit Christian charity based in Ayr. We are a team of trained 'listeners', 'befrienders', counsellors and mental health workers who have a heart to serve the people of South Ayrshire by putting our faith in action and making a difference.
  • Room 8: Ayr United Football Academy
    #Football Powered - some of the work carried out in the communities across South Ayrshire. 

Session 2 (13.10 - 13.30)

  • Room 1: Ageing Well
    Overview of the Ageing Well work taking place in South Ayrshire.
  • Room 2: The Promise
    Come along and hear members of South Ayrshire champions board speak about Scotland's promise to young people with care experience and their families. Scotland made a promise to care experienced children and young people: You will grow up loved, safe and respected. And by 2030, that promise must be kept. Hear how things will feel and look different in South Ayrshire  when we keep our promise.
  • Room 3: South Ayrshire Leisure
    Overview of wellbeing services and support provided by South Ayrshire Leisure.
  • Room 4: Belmont Family First
    Short Presentation on the Belmont Family First Service.
  • Room 5: Sensory Team
    Come and see how the Sensory Team support people with vision and hearing loss and enjoy a practical session wearing sims specs which will give you a small insight as to how people with macular degeneration, glaucoma, etc see the world!
  • Room 6: Vics in the Community
    Vic's In The Community are a local community charity based in Ayr providing activities such as the children's football programme.
  • Room 7: FASD
    Oshay's Brain Domain was formed in 2019 to raise awareness, spread knowledge & understanding of what Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) is, and support for the individual with FASD.
  • Room 8: Quality Improvement
    Presentation on what quality improvement is, SAHSCP commitment to quality improvement and staff training and AAIFS course.


Session 3 (13.50 - 14.10)

  • Room 1: VASA - Services and Volunteering
    VASA Services and volunteering across South Ayrshire.
  • Room 2: Small Steps to Wellbeing
    Overview of the Small Steps to Wellbeing team.
  • Room 3: Trauma Informed
    South Ayrshire's journey so far in developing trauma informed and responsive systems and services: with focus on leadership, engagement & involvement; training and development; and sustainability. We will discuss the Community Planning Partnership signing up to the NES Leadership Pledge; the trauma network; our training plan; update on staff wellbeing plans including the mental health first aid network, staff well survey, and plans for a staff wellbeing strategy; and our involvement in supporting the development of an integrated equalities impact assessment that includes focus on trauma.
  • Room 4: Functional Family Therapy
    Description of the Functional Family Therapy model and a case example.
  • Room 5: Police Scotland
    Overview of the work to promote community wellbeing by Police Scotland.
  • Room 6: Energy Agency
    Impact of Warm Dry Housing on Health and Wellbeing. Evaluation of 10 years work with SAC, NHS, Glasgow University and Energy Agency.
  • Room 7: Mental Wellbeing Supports and Services
    Community Mental Wellbeing Supports & Services (for pupils, parents & staff). Showcasing the differing services and supports procured via the Community Mental Wellbeing Fund. Presenting video-clip feedback from pupils and parents. Highlighting the overall impact across the authority & how you can receive more information.
  • Room 8: Community Brokerage Network
    Overview of the Community Brokerage Network.

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