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NearMe/Attend Anywhere

Video consultations offer the chance to reduce your travel time, or time away from home, work or school to attend your appointment. Near Me / Attend Anywhere may also make it easier for you to have a member of your family or carer with you, who may not have been able to travel to your appointment with you.


NearMe is a confidential and safe video calling platform that will allow an additional option to how we connect with our service users. 

NearMe can be accessed from wherever you are,  without travelling from the device of your choice.  Allowing a secure video call between individual service user and their service provider. Service providers send a one-off link that, when accessed, brings the service user straight into a video call. It allows easy escalation from a phone call to a video consultation.

The video consultations can help with connecting the service to family members who live abroad or in remote areas.



From March 2024 we will be in the Pilot phase of NearMe.  The initial roll out will be with the South Locality within the Response Team. 



To use Near Me you will need:

  • A reliable internet connection (broadband or 3G/4G)
  • A device for making video calls, such as smart phone, tablet, laptop or computer with web cam

Please use a WiFi connection for your call whenever possible. We want to make you aware that 20 minute consultation will use approximately 230Mb of mobile data. If you are on a limited mobile data plan this may cause you to exceed your permitted usage allowance.


Test your Device

For detailed information and instructions on how to test your device, visit the page.


How does it work?

Please see below video on how NearMe works and the advantages that it can bring to your work day


Hints and Tips

  • Make sure the device that you are using is fully charged or has sufficient battery power to complete the video call
  • Please ensure that you are in a quiet, private well lit location prior to the start of your video consultation
  • If you have anyone with you during the video call can you please advise when entering the call


If you require any more information or have any questions please contact