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Community payback - unpaid work

In 2011 Community Payback Order (CPO), unpaid work requirement replaced the previous Community Service Order.

What is a Community Payback Order with an Unpaid Work requirement?

A Community Payback Order is a sentence passed by the Courts, which is a direct alternative to a custodial sentence. The Community Payback Order is a positive alternative to a prison sentence. The Unpaid Work requirement gives the offender the opportunity to contribute in a positive way to local communities.

Work undertaken as part of Unpaid Work does not replace paid employment but enhances work carried out by the local authority and community groups throughout South Ayrshire.

How does Unpaid Work - work?

Offenders who undertake Unpaid Work have an opportunity to repay their local communities for the harm caused by their offending.

Offenders pay in time and hard work whilst developing new skills and confronting their offending behaviour.

Unpaid Work allows the offender to develop and improve their social skills making positive connections with people and communities.

The Unpaid Work requirement also allows for "other activity" to support offenders by providing educational support and guidance to enhance their employability status.

What type of work do offenders undertake on CPO Unpaid Work?

  • Litter picking across South Ayrshire
  • Maintaining community walkways, public routes and cycle paths
  • Snow clearance in winter in partnership with South Ayrshire Council
  • Community painting projects across public amenities
  • Renovating land for use in allotments
  • Ground maintenance across public venues - churches, scout halls, respite homes, residential nursing homes and children's nurseries.
  • Individual placements across South Ayrshire with public, private and charitable organisations.
  • Working in partnership with community groups to assist in upgrade and maintenance of local parks, running tracks and public open spaces.
  • Supporting Ayrshire's hosting of the Flower Show and community mobile skate parks summer activity programme through labour in assembly/disassembly of equipment.

Unpaid Work is for the benefit of the local community. If you feel your organisation or community group would benefit from the support of Unpaid Work please use the Community Payback - Work Request Form for your suggestion on community projects for Unpaid Work under Community Payback. Suggestions are welcome from individuals, local community groups or organisations.