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Supervision replaces Probation as a sentence that can be imposed by the Courts. When subject to statutory supervision individuals are supervised by an allocated Social Worker and may be offered a range of one-to-one or group work interventions. Work will focus on reducing reoffending through developing strategies to make and sustain long-term positive changes. This will include work specific to individuals' offending behaviour and other related areas such as life skills, problem-solving, anger management, drug/alcohol use, housing, education/employment etc.

Some interventions are delivered in collaboration with partnership agencies:

Constructs - Positive Steps to Stop Offending

Constructs is a structured group work programme for men aged 18 or over who have offended and are assessed as presenting a medium or high risk of re-offending.

It consists of 2 pre-programme sessions followed by 26 sessions each lasting around 2 hours. Participants usually have to attend 1 session per week with additional support and input from the Supervising Social Worker.

Participation in the group work programme would be expected to form only part of an overall Supervision Action Plan drawn up by the Supervising Social Worker.

The programme has been designed using research into the types of intervention which have been shown to be effective in reducing re-offending and has been accredited by the Scottish Accreditation Panel.