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Deferred Sentence and ARO

Structured Deferred Sentence & Alcohol Related Offending Project (ARO)

Ayrshire Social Work Justice Services Partnership and Ayrshire Council on Alcohol have jointly developed an educational programme, which aims to reduce the risk of alcohol related offending. The programme is offered to Kilmarnock and Ayr Sheriff Courts as an option within a Structured Deferred Sentence.

What is a Structured Deferred Sentence?

A Structured Deferred Sentence (SDS) is an opportunity to prove to the Court that participants can stay out of trouble, and are willing to be constructive in reducing the risk of re-offending.

Before receiving a SDS, participants must agree to:

  • Attend, and participate in a programme, which explores alcohol related offending, and ways to address it.
  • Attend for arranged individual sessions, or group work, if appropriate.
  • Attend Court for a Review prior to sentencing.

The ten week programme offers information, advice and education. It includes risk assessment, self-monitoring, alternative strategies and Relapse Prevention. It offers participants the opportunity to examine their alcohol use and increase their knowledge of its effects on themselves and others. It will assist in identifying the link between drinking alcohol and offending behaviour.