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Analogue to Digital Switchover

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[19 November 2021]

All telephone companies in the UK are changing their existing telephone lines over to a new digital telephone system as the current phone lines are getting old and difficult to maintain. The telephone companies have set a target to have all phone lines upgraded to a digital version by 2025.

Current community alarm equipment is designed to work with the existing old telephone network. Whilst the alarms will still work with a digital line, it may not work reliably, potentially meaning that calls are delayed or may fail to connect to the control room. We want to avoid this therefore we are currently working on a programme to replace existing alarms with an upgraded digital version, which will work with the new telephone system.

Letters are currently being issued to those in South Ayrshire who use a community alarm with this information and individual appointments will be made to upgrade equipment. If you, or someone care for, has a community alarm then you may experience small blips in connectivity as telephone providers carry out their upgrades - these will be temporary and only for a short duration. If you do experience this then please press your pendant and make the control room staff aware.

More information can be found here:  Analogue to Digital Information (PDF) [1MB] .

If you have any queries and would like to speak with someone you can email or call 01292 880929.