Telehealth Services


Florence brings Telehealth to any patient with a standard mobile phone.
It's unique, free and simple to use.

For Ayrshire and Arran it is used to record patient's Blood Pressure readings. Your GP practice can refer you and will provide you with a BP Monitor for you to use at home and you will be asked to text in your readings using your mobile phone. Reports are then sent to your GP practice with your results at the end of your monitoring period.



A new system has been procured nationally. Inhealthcare has a multichannel approach which means patients can communicate with the technology on a way that suit best. The software integrates with existing Clinical Systems and can be linked to medical devices and third party software if required.


A&A Primary Care Remote Health Pathways supports

National Digital Health and Care Strategy:

"To improve the care and wellbeing of people in Scotland by making best use of digital technologies in the design and delivery of services."


Caring For Ayrshire:

"Care shall be delivered as close to home as possible, supported by a network of community services with safe, effective and timely access to high quality specialist services for those whose needs cannot be met in the community."

What is inhealthcare?

  • Digital Platform for remote patient monitoring
  • 100 services already designed, in use in other areas
  • Multi-channel access for patients (e.g. app, phone, text, web)
  • Able to 'talk' to other systems
  • Digital platform for remote patient monitoring
  • Ability to custom design pathways
  • Multi- channel access for patients (e.g app, phone, text, web)
  • Unlike other solutions it integrates with NHS Systems (Clinical Portal, Docman, SCI Store)
  • Easy to use and access for patients and staff

Video of

Remote Health Pathways are currently being designed for use in Primary (GP Practice) and Acute (Hospital) Care.


Primary Care

  • GPs devising Questionnaires to help them to gather information around long term conditions such as;
  • Newly Diagnosed COPD Self-management Pathway (add link to patient info leaflet)
  • Long Term Conditions Multimorbidity Annual Review (Targeted at those patients with LTC to collate annual review assessment data and then triage them to the necessary level of care)
  • COPD LTC Review (add link to patient info leaflet)
  • Asthma Primary Care LTC Annual Review (add link to patient info leaflet)
  • Epilepsy Pathway (add link to patient info leaflet)
  • Depression Pathway (add link to patient info leaflet)
  • Contraceptive Pill Pathway (add link to patient info leaflet)
  • BP Scale Up (Targeted at those patients suspected or diagnosed with hypertension to monitor them remotely. Diagnosis, titration & long-term management)


Acute Care

  • Heart Failure Pathway (add link to patient info leaflet)
  • IBD - Paediatric Crohns (add link to patient info leaflet)
  • IBD - Ulcerative Colitis (add link to patient info leaflet)
  • Paediatric ADHD BP Monitoring
  • Renal Transplant BP Monitoring
  • Prostate Cancer Pathway (add link to patient info leaflet)



NHS Ayrshire & Arran App is available to download in your appstore. Look for the NHS Ayrshire & Arran logo


App's currently available include;

  • Health Weight Ayrshire App
  • Dental App
  • Paediatric Training App
  • Alcohol and Drugs App
  • Adult Diabetes App
  • Autism, ADHD, FASD, Learning Disability Info App
  • Ayrshire Children's Diabetes App
  • Helping you manage your COPD
  • Mental Health App
  • CALMED App (Psychology staff only)
  • Speech & Language Therapy App
  • Dementia - Post Diagnostic Support App
  • Life After Intensive Care App
  • Ayrshire Bairns (Health Visiting) App
  • Green Health App
  • Pain Management


Currently being developed-

  • Staff Wellbeing App
  • Care Homes App
  • Respiratory App


Kardia Devices

All GP practices and specialist cardiac services have the use of a kardia device

This portable ECG reader can detect unusual rhythms in your heart such as atrial fibrillation (AF).




Patient Story





Near Me

  • NHSAA have 96 Organisational Units including one for each GP Practice.
  • Only a few Practices using the platform with one Practice in particular used 332 calls in February alone
  • Consult Now, if enabled for your Waiting Area, allows Service Providers to send callers a one-off link that, when accessed, brings them straight into a video call. It allows easy escalation from a phone call to a video call.
  • The Group Consultations feature will be of use to many providers and is available now. For example, it makes it very easy to hold secure patient education classes/long term condition groups.
  • Learning materials are available through the Near Me website and on Turas

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