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Self-Directed Support (SDS)

What is Self-Directed Support (SDS)?

In South Ayrshire we want you to have choice, control and flexibility over the support you receive so that you can start well, live well and age well in our community.

Self-Directed Support (SDS) offers you four ways to receive support. 

Following a discussion with a social worker you will be advised of the level of support you require, to ensure you have the best outcomes. You can then decide which option works best for you. 

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Option 1 - Direct Payment

Option 1 means you will receieve a direct payment to allow you to arrange support independantly. This option gives you full choice, control and maximum flexibilty. 

Option 2 - Individual Service Fund

Option 2 allows you to choose services from a registered support provider (we can help check that a service is registered with the relevent authority if you are unsure). This support would be arranged between the local authority and the service directly. This option gives you full choice and control over how your support is arranged, without the reponsibility of managing the financial elements.

Option 3 - Traditional Services

Option 3 is a more traditional method of SDS, the local authority will take responsibility for matching you with the relevent support to match your needs. This option gives you less direct choice and control, however takes the responsibility of finding and managing support way from you.

Option 4 - Combination of Option 1, 2 and / or 3

Option 4 may be appropriate for some people, this option allows you to choose which elements of your care you have control over and which you would prefer the local authority to manage. 


If you don't feel that the option you have chosen is working, you can choose to change to another option. That means that you are able to try out an option to see if it suits your needs without worrying that you need to stick with this if it doesn't.    

SDS gives you the power to plan the support that fits you and your family, rather than having to slot into services that are available that might not quite fit your needs. 

For more information or to speak to one of the SDS team please contact: 

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