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SDS Staff zone

Welcome to the Self Directed Support staff zone. This page gives you direct access to legislative guidance, practitioner tools and kits and useful links to information you might need when supporting service users with Self Directed Support (SDS).

SDS Guidance, Legislative Framework and Policy Information


Practical Tools for Supporting the use of Self Directed Support


Useful Links

Ayrshire Independent Living Network (AILN)
AILN have been providing high quality SDS advice and information to the people of Ayrshire for over a decade. Since 2005 the three Ayrshire councils have jointly funded the SDS support & information service. AILN is a peer-led, not-for-profit company limited by guarantee with charitable status.

Community Brokerage Network
The Community Brokerage Network works across Ayrshire supporting people with social care. They do not directly provide hands on social care for people but they do try to help you get what you need. They do this by providing a broker to help you. The broker can help you prepare for the assessment that may be carried out by your local health and social care partnership or if that has already been done, help you plan and organise your support. 

In Control Scotland
In Control Scotland is a registered charity and a not for profit organisation.  They work with organisations, health and social care partnerships and people across Scotland to support the development of a sustainable system of self-directed support. They provide training, development and consultancy and share what we learn to improve the experience of self directed support for everyone. 


Useful Resources