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Interim Safety Plan

The purpose of an interim safety plan is to ensure a child / young person's safety as immediately as necessary and will be in place until a Child Protection Planning Meeting takes place. Those who are part of the plan must understand and agree what they must do to ensure a child's safety. The following considerations should be make for all Interim Safety Plans:

  • Those included in the plan should be in the child's identified network.
  • The worry and the needs of the child must be addressed in the plan along with what they should do.
  • The child will be supported in understanding who they can speak with or contact at any time.
  • A child's version of the plan should be developed with the child's help and understanding.
  • Who will see the and listen to the child should be part of the plan.
  • Contact details for people in the plan should be available.

The plan should be reviewed and monitored by the Social Worker.

Further information can be found at Signs of Safety