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Nursery Court Day Service


Nursery Court aims to provide a Day Service to older people within their own Community that values equality, diversity, privacy and dignity in a safe, friendly and caring environment that is free from exploitation or abuse.

We aim to support and encourage individuals to maintain their health wellbeing and independence in a manner that maximises potential and supports a stimulating and fulfilling lifestyle.


To deliver person centred care and support in line with the Principles of the Health & Social Care Standards:

  • Dignity & Respect
  • Compassion
  • Be Included
  • Responsive care and support
  • Wellbeing

Nursery Court

The Day Care Service is provided by South Ayrshire Council and was established in September 1994 to provide a service to Girvan and surrounding areas. This was originally a peripatetic service travelling between local communities on specific days offering 44 places per week.

In September 2004 the service was developed significantly to provide a greater number of day care places to older people living within Girvan and local surrounding communities. Day services were now provided in two locations; Girvan and Maybole providing 90 places per week over five days, Monday through to Friday. The Girvan Service relocated from Boyle Court to the Resource Centre in Girvan and became 'Nursery Court Day Service'.

The Day Service continued to develop between the two locations and placement increased to 130 per week.

In 2014 a Review of Day Services was completed, this resulted in the Local Authority merging their small Day Service based in Maybole Health Centre with Nursery Court Day Service in Girvan. Shortly after this a Private Day Service in Maybole closed and attendees relocated to Nursery Court to receive their Day Service.

The Day Service continues to operate from Nursery Court in Girvan offering 140 places per week.

The Day Service is regulated and inspected by the Care Inspectorate; a copy of inspection reports can be made available on request.



Nursery Court Day Service operates on a daily basis with a Manager supported by:

1 Senior Day Service Officer
6 Day Care Officers
1 Admin Assistant
1 Bus Escort
2 Dedicated Drivers

Staff undertake regular training in line with South Ayrshire Council Policies and Procedures and Registration requirements

Admission procedure

All referrals to the Day Care Service are made through Social Work Department.

Practical information

Opening times

Nursery Court is open five days per week, Monday to Friday.
Hours: 9.00am - 4.30pm.

Personal Items

The service is unable to accept responsibility for personal items of value; these items will therefore require to be retained in the possession of each individual.


Your personal transport arrangements will be tailored to your need and confirmed with you prior to you taking up a placement at the service.

Meal arrangements

A three-course meal is provided each day for which there is a small charge. Personal preferences and needs will be taken into account. Tea/coffee and cold drinks are available throughout the day.

Policies and procedures

In order to keep attendees and staff safe, a number of policies and procedures are in place.All of which are available on request.

Smoking policy - A no smoking policy operates within the Service and garden areas.

Fire safety - Staff are safety representatives, in the event of fire, clear evacuation procedures exist. There are regular evacuation drills to familiarise attendees with the actions to take in the event of a fire. The fire alarm is tested weekly.

Health and safety - Staff are aware of policies and procedures related to Health & Safety and apply this knowledge into working safely. A dedicated first aider and fire warden are on the premises.

Medication - Support with medication will be provided by the service where this need has been identified through the Care Manager Assessment process.

Medication support tasks will be carried out by trained and competent staff in line with South Ayrshire Council's Medication Policy and Management Guidelines. The service will be unable to assist with medication where the process does not comply with medication procedures.


4- Week
Following a four week introduction to the service a review will take place involving the attendee, significant other, advocate where required, referrer and service to establish all support needs and individual expectations are being met. At this time a decision will be made as to whether the placement is to continue.

6- Monthly
Each individual support plan is reviewed on a six monthly basis or sooner where needs, choices or expectations change, to ensure the personal plan is effective.

Service Reviews
The service will undertake a full review of service provision through a direct meeting with yourself, your key worker and any other significant person of their choice. This is usually carried out within the Resource on a day the person attends.

Within this meeting there is the opportunity to discuss all areas of care and support, express individual views and to grade elements of the service provision in line with the Care Inspectorate, who Regulate Day Services.

A record is made of the review outcomes and agreements and a copy issued to all attending the review as well as the referrer. A copy is retained in the confidential personal file at the service in line with South Ayrshire Council's Data Protection Policy.


A varied range of activities will be made available for your enjoyment and are organised to reflect individual interests, choice and abilities.

Activities are not task orientated but designed to provide stimulation - enjoyment and a sense of achievement.

Some examples of activities are detailed below: -

  • Reality Orientation
  • Discussion groups
  • Media studies
  • Carpet Bowls
  • Putting
  • Quizzes / games
  • Music/sing a long
  • Reminiscence
  • Local history
  • Crafts
  • Chair exercises
  • Hand Massage/Nail Pamper
  • Relaxation and engaging in social conversation.

The service will consider any requests for specific activities and will make every effort to include them into individual programmes where possible.


Nursery Court strives to continually improve therefore if any attendee is unhappy with the service provided this should be brought to the attention of the staff or manager.

A Complaints form is available on request.

A service questionnaire is issued to attendees periodically, which also allows the opportunity to comment on the service.

A complaint can also be made directly to a Social Worker or the Head of Social Work Services.

Suggestions, comments or complaints can be made through South Ayrshire Councils Complaints Procedure. A copy of which is available within the centre.

A complaint can also be made directly to the Care Inspectorate at address below:

Care Inspectorate
Compass House
11 Riverside Drive
Telephone: 03455 600 9527

All complaints will be recorded acknowledged and investigated in under 20 days.

Nursery Court Day Services
South Ayrshire Council
Girvan Resource Centre,
Nursery Court,
Girvan KA26 9EW

Tel: 01465 714017

Download our  Nursery Court brochure (PDF) [2MB]  for all information on this service.