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Locality Planning Partnerships

What are Locality Planning Partnerships and what do they do?

To make informed decisions about our strategic planning and commissioning, we need to fully understand our community which can be done using a range of population data as well as our own local intelligence. Locality Planning in South Ayrshire will have two main purposes:

•  To jointly assess need, prioritise and plan how all resources, irrespective of their origin, can best be deployed in pursuit of the delivery of the National and Local Outcomes; and

•  To be the local focus for service delivery and support by organisations from across the sectors to the population or communities within the area.


There are 6 locality areas within South Ayrshire each with their own set of local priorities:

Locality Planning areas and priorities


Get Involved!

Do you want to influence your local health and care services?

Do you want to make a difference to local people's health and wellbeing?

Do you want to influence the long term planning for health services across Ayrshire?

... then becoming involved with Locality Planning Partnerships might be something you could consider.


You could do this as an individual or through representing a local group or network.

To contact your Partnership Engagement Officer: