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Child Protection Planning Meeting (CPPM) for parents/ carers

If there are concerns that your child might have been harmed or be at risk of harm in the future, you may be invited to a Child Protection Planning Meeting.  The social worker may use words and pictures to explain to you what people are worried about.    This is a meeting to talk through the concerns and to decide how best to keep your child safe and well.  There are things that need to be discussed at the planning meeting and these can be seen in the Child Protection Planning Meetings Agenda (PDF) [484KB] (opens new window) .

You should have a copy of the report compiled by the social worker at least 2 days prior to the Child Protection Planning Meeting.

You will also have met with the social worker and be aware of and have a copy of the Danger Statement, Safety GoalandInterim Safety Plan plan that you have agreed.  

You will be given the opportunity to talk to the Chairperson prior to the Child Protection Planning Meeting.  The social worker will arrange for this to happen.

You will be invited into the Child Protection Planning Meeting prior to anyone else.

The Child Protection Planning Meeting will include people who know you and/or your child and may include:-

  • Nursery or School Staff
  • Health Visitor
  • Social Worker
  • Police
  • Housing Staff
  • Youth Worker
  • Addiction Services
  • Voluntary Organisations

Your child will also be invited to attend depending on  their age, they might be invited to attend all or part of the meeting too.  If they don't come to the meeting the Chairperson can speak to them beforehand incase there is anything they want people at the meeting to know.

You are entitled to bring someone with you to the meeting to support you, like a friend, family member or legal representative. In exceptional circumstances, the Chairperson may feel that a parent or carer should not be invited to the Child Protection Planning Meeting (for example, where they present a significant risk to others attending, including the child or young person).

Agencies who attend will have been provide a written report about their knowledge of you and your family.  A copy of the report should be shared with you and you should have the chance to talk to the person who wrote the report before the meeting.  They won't necessarily change what they have written, but can talk to you about why it's important to share what they have written with the people at the Child Protection Planning Meeting.

You also have the opportunity to share your view about what has been happening.  This can feel be difficult to do and it might help you to write something either to read out loud yourself, or to remind you of the things that feel important to say, or to give to someone else at the meeting to read for you. 

At the meeting, there will be a full discussion about the reasons why there has been a child protection investigation, and what was found.  There will be an opportunity for everyone to ask questions and the Chairperson of the meeting will make sure everyone including you has a chance to speak.  Once everyone has spoken the people around the table will make decisions about what happens next.

There are a few different outcomes at this stage:-

  • That there aren't any concerns for your child's safety and that no further action needs to be taken.
  • That there's a need for you to be supported in your parenting role and that this support can be given by one agency.
  • That your child's name needs to be placed on the Child Protection Register because there are concerns about their safety. 
  • That your child needs to be referred to the Reporter at the Scottish Children's Reporter Administration because the professionals at the meeting think you may not be able to keep your child safe.

You will be advised that you can appeal the decision to the Child Protection Planning Meeting. 

After the meeting you'll be sent a note of the actions that were made and a copy of the meeting minute, this is a record of who said what at the meeting you will receive this witin 15 days.