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Strategic Planning Advisory Group (SPAG) - 19 March 2024

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1. Welcome/ Apologies/ Membership updates

2. Declarations of Interest 

3. Minute of Previous Meeting - 19th December 2023

SPAG Minute - 19th December 2023 (PDF) [193KB] (opens new window)

4. Matters Arising/ Action Log


5. Locality Planning Partnership Update

Locality Planning Partnership Update (PDF) [232KB] (opens new window)


6. Strategic Advocacy Plan - Development 

Strategic Advocacy Plan - Development (PDF) [184KB] (opens new window)
Strategic Advocacy Plan - Proposed Timeline (PDF) [113KB] (opens new window)

7. Communications Strategy 2024 - 2027 

Communications Strategy 2024 - 2027 (PDF) [166KB] (opens new window)

8. Mental Health Strategy - update

Mental Health Strategy - Update (PDF) [170KB] (opens new window)
Mental Health Key Milestones (PDF) [35KB] (opens new window)

9. Dementia Strategy - update 

Dementia Strategy - Update (PDF) [181KB] (opens new window)
Dementia Key Milestones (PDF) [35KB] (opens new window)

10. Social Isolation - future arrangements

Social Isolation - future arrangements (PDF) [374KB] (opens new window)

11. Locality Plans

Locality Plans (PDF) [178KB] (opens new window)
Draft Locality Plan - Girvan (PDF) [660KB] (opens new window)

Any other business/ Actions to follow up to IJB

Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 25th June 2024, 2pm via MS Teams