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Integration Joint Board (IJB) - 17 August 2022

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1. Welcome and apologies for absence


2. Declarations of Interest


3. Minutes of Previous Meeting

Minutes from Previous Meeting - 15th June 2022 (PDF) [197KB] (opens new window)

4. Chief Officer's Update Report

Chief Officers Update report (PDF) [139KB] (opens new window)

Items for Agreement

5.    ADP Budget Paper

ADP Budget Report (PDF) [224KB] (opens new window)

ADP Budget - App1 (PDF) [960KB] (opens new window)

ADP Budget - App2 (PDF) [157KB] (opens new window)

6. Strategic Risk Register

Strat Risk Register (PDF) [161KB] (opens new window)

Strat Risk Reg - App1 (PDF) [314KB] (opens new window)

7. Proposal Around the Format of Future IJB Meetings

Future IJB Format (PDF) [160KB] (opens new window)

8. Period 3 Budget Monitoring 

Period 3 Budget (PDF) [676KB] (opens new window)

9. IJB Reserves Plans Update

IJB Reserves Plan (PDF) [191KB] (opens new window)

Items for Noting

Minutes for noting

Any Other Business

Date of Next Meeting: -

Wednesday 14th September 2022, 2pm