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Performance and Audit Committee - 30 May 2023

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1. Apologies & Declarations of Interest 

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting 

Minute of Previous Meeting - 19 April 2023 (PDF) [230KB] (opens new window)

3. Matters Arising/ Action Long 


4. Adult Mental Health Strategy Update

Adult Mental Health Strategy Update (PDF) [138KB] (opens new window)


5. Social Isolation and Loneliness Strategy

Social Isolation Strategy Report (PDF) [247KB] (opens new window)

Social Isolation App 1 (PDF) [443KB] (opens new window)

6. Dementai Strategy and Post-disgnostic Support Management Information Report

Dementia Strategy Report (PDF) [445KB] (opens new window)  

Dementia Strategy App 1 (PDF) [464KB] (opens new window)

Dementia Strategy App 2 (PDF) [273KB] (opens new window)

Dementia Strategy App 3 (PDF) [355KB] (opens new window)


7. Adult Carers Strategy 

Adult Carers Strategy (PDF) [358KB] (opens new window)

Adult Carers App 1 (PDF) [291KB] (opens new window)


8. Learning Disability Strategy Update

LD Strategy Report (PDF) [102KB] (opens new window)

LD Strategy Action Plan (PDF) [89KB] (opens new window)

9. Children's Health Care and Justice 6 Monthly Performance Report

CHC&J Report (PDF) [161KB] (opens new window)

CHC&J Report App 1 (PDF) [1MB] (opens new window)


10. Audit Scotland - South Ayrshire Integration Joint Board Annual Audit Plan 2022/23

Audit Scotland - South Ayrshire IJB Action Plan 2022/23 (PDF) [228KB] (opens new window)


11. Terms of Reference 

Performance and Audit Terms of Reference (PDF) [544KB] (opens new window)


Any Other Business 


Date of Next Meeting

Monday 26th June 2023