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Strategic Planning Advisory Group (SPAG) - 26 September 2023

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1. Welcome/ Apologies/ Membership updates

2. Declarations of Interest 

3. Minute of Previous Meeting - 25th April 2023 

Strategic Planning Advisory Group minute - 25th April 2023 (PDF) [151KB] (opens new window)

Items for discussion

4. Strategic Planning Advisory Group Action Long (if relevant) 

5. Locality Planning Partnership update

Locality Planning Report (PDF) [196KB] (opens new window)

6. South Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership Team Around the Locality (TATL)

South Ayrshire HSCP Team Around the Locality (TATL) (PDF) [177KB] (opens new window)
Appendix 1 - Team Around the Locality update (PDF) [805KB] (opens new window)

7. Ageing Well update 

Ageing Well Update (PDF) [176KB] (opens new window)
Appendix 2 - Ageing Well Vision Statement (PDF) [3MB] (opens new window)
Appendix 3 - Key Milestones and Timeline for the Ageing Well Programme (PDF) [41KB] (opens new window)
Appendix 4 - Terms of Reference for the Ageing Well Movement Strategy Board (PDF) [536KB] (opens new window)
Appendix 5 - Equality Impact Assessment (PDF) [164KB] (opens new window)

8. Focus on Frailty 

Focus on Frailty (PDF) [209KB] (opens new window)

9. Biggart Hospital  

Biggart Hospital (PDF) [236KB] (opens new window)

10. Children Services Partnership Planning Whole Family Wellbeing

Children's Services Partnership Planning Whole Family Wellbeing (PDF) [184KB] (opens new window)
Appendix 1 - South Ayrshire Children Whole Family Approaches (PDF) [1MB] (opens new window)
Appendix 2 - South Ayrshire's Plan for WFWF 2023 (PDF) [418KB] (opens new window)
Appendix 3 - SPAG Whole Family Wellbeing Sept 2023 (PDF) [864KB] (opens new window)

11. Rapid Respiratory Response Service   

Rapid Respiratory Response Service (PDF) [233KB] (opens new window)

12. Terms of Reference 

Terms of Reference - Strategic Planning Advisory Group (PDF) [471KB] (opens new window)


 Any other business

Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 19th December 2023, 2pm via MS Teams